A new phase…

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I know I haven’t posted here in a long time… This, unfortunately, is indicative of how I have operated when it comes to my health and fitness. I’m either all in, or I’m not. I don’t allow for imperfection, so if I’m not perfect I just quit. NO MORE!! From this point on, it’s all about small steps in the right direction. I didn’t get this way overnight, and I’m not going to get to where I want to be that way either.

I had been doing really well with my fitness up until March. I tore a ligament in my knee, and that had me out of commission for a good 6 weeks. I always seem to get into a really good routine – this time with my kettlebell training – and then something comes along (usually an injury) that throws a wrench into the works. This was a big wrench. The doctor told me after I had my MRI that I have the knees of someone who is in their mid-60s, not their mid-30s. This is partially a product of crappy genes – everyone in my family has arthritis and creaky joints, but I’m sure my weight has not helped at all.  I’ve been carrying around at least 70 extra pounds (and usually more) since I was in high school.  Not only are my knees in bad shape, but I have had back problems since a car accident over 13 years ago. I had surgery for a herniated disc last year and was told that there will probably be more surgeries in my future. Again – partially a product of crappy genes, but certainly not helped by all of this extra weight. I was told by the orthopedic surgeon who saw me for my knee that if I kept going the way I was going, I’d wind up with a knee replacement in 5 years. Facing these realities really made me see that this is it. It’s all downhill from here if I don’t get my life under control.

So…almost 2 months ago I signed up for Jenny Craig (for the second time). Although this is not the ideal way to lose weight, for now it’s working. I’ve dropped 7.4 pounds in 7 weeks so far.  I’m not a big fan of eating all the packaged and processed foods, but it is doing the job of helping me to re-learn portion sizes as well as getting in more fruits and veggies. The other thing it’s helping me with is accountability. I weigh in, then sit down with my consultant once a week to talk about how things went during the week, and how to plan for challenges in the upcoming week. That has been really helpful to me. The downsides? Again – the processed/packaged foods. Although I do eat lots of salads, fruits, and veggies I do have these packaged foods as the majority of my meals. I know that in the long run this will not be how I eat and it’s only temporary. The other major downside is the cost. If I buy a full menu for a week, it can cost upwards of $100 – that’s not counting the grocery items that need to be added (fruits, veggies, milk, etc.).  I took the hit last time I joined on the membership fee, so this time it only cost me $49 to renew for the year. If things go the way I am hoping, I won’t be on Jenny for a full year. I see this as a temporary solution to get me headed in the right direction. So far, so good.

Now for the new phase…the long-term plan. I reconnected with someone I met about 2 years ago at my niece’s birthday party. She has been a tremendous help and inspiration to me. She is a coach for Team Beachbody – yeah, the company that puts out programs like P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Jam. We’ve been chatting about clean eating, exercise, and some ways to help me move from my temporary fix to a more permanent, healthy way of life.  With her encouragement and inspiration, I too signed up to become a Team Beachbody coach. Although I don’t feel quite ready to coach others yet, I am going to use this opportunity to get myself going in the right direction. I’ve started using Shakeology – an amazing shake supplement that has none of the icky taste of most of the shakes out there. I have also ordered ChaLEAN Extreme to give myself another workout option when I can’t make it to the gym. If you want to find out more about either of these things, click on the links to go to my sites, or send me a message and I’d be more than happy to share!

As part of this new phase, I am also going to blog here at least once a week – most likely on Sundays when things are somewhat calm. Check back often to see how things are going!


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