Everybody has to start somewhere, right? Well, here is where I am starting. It’s a pretty scary place…  I took my “before” pictures this morning (after 20 minutes of messing with my camera to figure out the automatic setting because I don’t have the manual).  I took 10 different pictures – exactly what the book that came with ChaLEAN Extreme says to do. Talk about sobering. Some people have body image issues where they always see themselves as bigger than they are. I always think of myself as smaller than I am until I see actual evidence in pictures. This evidence is undeniable. Here are my befores:






















Here are the numbers:

Weight: 293.7

Height: 5′ 8 .5″

Waist: 47.5″

Hips: 58″

Abductors: 53″

Chest: 51″

Right arm: 16″

Left arm: 16.5″

Right thigh: 29.5″

Left thigh: 29″

Body fat percentage: 34.1%

BMI: 44

So…yeah. I have a long way to go, but I’m already on my way. My highest weight was 308.8 so I’m already down a bit from there, but I am considering this my new starting point. I hope you will come with me on this journey toward a healthier me! I am realistic – I know that I will never be a supermodel – but I know I can do a whole lot better than I am doing now! Here’s to losing it…little by little!!


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