Progress report – Week One

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I officially started my new program one week ago today.  After just one week of doing ChaLEAN Extreme and having Shakeology for breakfast and I have now dropped…drumroll please…1.9 pounds! Woot! I’m feeling stronger and I have a lot more energy. I’ve only had coffee ONCE since last Friday, and for those who know me that is HUGE! Not only that, I didn’t have it because I needed it. I had it because I wanted it and it was DECAF!

I did Burn Circuit 1 for the second time today since it was the beginning of week 2. I did find that I was able to either increase the weight or up the number of reps for almost every exercise. The only thing I’m still having major trouble with is the push ups. Of course, they are difficult for me because they use your own body weight – which I have plenty of at the moment. I know they will get easier as I both lose weight and get stronger. In the meantime, they are HARD!! I have to do them from my knees – but I only did 5 last week and got myself to 7 this week. Progress is progress!

To find out more about ChaLEAN Extreme, Shakeology, or any of the other Beachbody products, click here to visit my website.

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