I am in the driver’s seat…


Nobody’s perfect. We all know that. We all tell ourselves that, yet we beat ourselves up when we don’t live up to our idea of what our “perfect self” should be.

Summer is a tough time of year for me. I am a teacher, so I have the summers off. Well, sort of. I always find myself working on some kind of project that keeps me in school for at least a few extra weeks. I do always have several weeks during which I do not have to go to work, though. This can be either the best thing in the world or the worst thing in the world for me – depending on what I choose to do with this unstructured time. It could easily turn into lazy days at the beach, drinking margaritas, and eating burgers and hot dogs. I have chosen this year to make my unstructured time a bit more structured to avoid that slippery slope of indulgence!

I have not been to the beach at all just to hang out. I make it a purposeful trip to walk around the park by the water. Of course the fact that we’ve had a ridiculous heatwave here in the Northeast has helped me a bit…last thing I wanted to do for the last week or so is go to the beach and bake in the sun in 100 degree heat!!

I’ve pretty much avoided drinking, but if I do have anything I’ve chosen a glass of red wine (good for your heart!) or a light beer here and there. I never realized until I started doing a little research that margaritas are like calorie death traps! They are one of my absolute favorite summer drinks, but they are so not worth the 500+ calories they contain. Yes. I said 500+. That’s a meal…in fact that’s a pretty big meal. That could get you one of these delicious dinners instead of just one drink. Sobering, isn’t it? (Sorry…bad pun!)

As far as the burgers and hot dogs go, yes, I have had a few of those. But instead of making my whole meal that kind of stuff, I would have one OR the other, and then fill up on veggies, salad, or fruit. I’ve started trying to find healthier recipes for my backyard BBQs. I throw some marinated boneless, skinless chicken breast or some lean steak on the grill. If I do really want a hot dog, I go for the Hebrew National Kosher 97% fat free hot dogs (around 40 calories each) and have one. Burgers? I make them myself out of lean beef and make them slider size.

So, after all this high and mighty talk about what I’m doing right…let’s go back to the title of this post and the whole reason why I started writing it in the first place. Yup. I slipped. Yesterday was a bad day. Everyone has one of those days every once in a while. It started with me not getting my workout in first thing in the morning. I was tired, and I was having some little twinges of discomfort in my back. I think I had done my dead lifts a little bit less than right the day before. So, I switched up my schedule and gave myself a rest day. That in and of itself is not a terrible thing, but what I missed out on was my cardio intervals. I also didn’t have my Shakeology in the morning, but I did have one of my Jenny Craig breakfast sandwiches to fulfill the craving for an “egg mcsomething” kind of breakfast instead of going to the drive-thru. I went out to lunch with a friend and chose a salad that had lots of delicious veggies and grilled chicken, but it was kind of heavily dressed. It was delicious, but I should have asked for the dressing on the side. I went out to dinner with another friend, and that’s where the slip got bigger. We went to our favorite pizza place and got pizza and wine. I hadn’t been there in over a year, and that pizza was damned good. I mean really good. It was can’t stop eating it until it’s gone good. That, plus two glasses of wine all added up to a food disaster. Then, when I got home, my husband had brought me a piece of chocolate mousse cake from the diner. Chocolate = game over. I debated about just putting it in the fridge, but I broke out the spoon and started eating. A little less than halfway through the piece of cake I realized a few things. First, I was definitely not hungry after eating all that pizza. Second, the cake wasn’t even really that good. Finally – it just wasn’t worth it. I had worked too hard to let this piece of cake undo everything I had done for myself, so I put down the spoon.

I put down the spoon. I didn’t keep eating the cake just because it was there. I didn’t keep eating it because I had already messed up by eating the pizza and the day was already a waste. I didn’t keep eating it because I didn’t want to hurt my husband’s feelings since he had been so “thoughtful” and brought me home one of my favorite things. I didn’t keep eating. I put down the spoon.

THAT’S how a slip doesn’t turn into a slide. I had to stop. I put down the spoon. I stopped eating the cake. I got my butt out of bed this morning, put my workout clothes on and pressed play. I made my Shakeology. I got back on the wagon, and I’m in the driver’s seat.

I am in the driver’s seat. I am in control. This is my life and my journey and I am in the driver’s seat. Who’s in control of your journey?

2 thoughts on “I am in the driver’s seat…

  1. You hit the nail on the head! It was a minor setback, a cheat meal – which you are entitled to once a week – and you are back on the wagon. You are amazingly strong and determined and committed, so don’t feel bad about any of it! YOu’ve got this!!

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