Push it…push it real good!

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I started the second phase of ChaLEAN Extreme yesterday, and WHOA! The goal of this phase is to reach failure between 6 and 8 reps, so you really need to “go heavy or go home” as Chalene says! I definitely did that, and boy did I feel it! My arms were shaking at the end, and by the time I got upstairs and whipped up my Shakeology, I could barely get the lid on my cup! I can’t wait to see what the results are like at the end of this phase. I can only imagine that using this kind of weight, there will be major changes!

I’m continuing to work on eating clean, and since I’m heading back to work next week after enjoying a few weeks off, I’m a little nervous about the whole prepping and planning thing. I think I’m going to head back to basics and do a modification of Tosca Reno’s cooler plan from The Eat-Clean Diet. Basically, it’s eating 5-6 small meals a day and keeping things clean and simple.  I’m still trying to stick as closely as I can to the top 2 tiers of Michi’s Ladder. I’ve found one thing that really helps me is making a big batch of something and being able to eat it for a few days. I don’t mind eating the same thing for a few days in a row, although I know some people take issue with that. Last week I made a big batch of brown rice salad and a gigantic veggie stir-fry and ate that for several days in a row along with grilled chicken burgers. This week it was multigrain penne with a bunch of veggies from the farmer’s market. Next week, when I go back to work, I’m thinking I might try making some kind of quinoa salad that I can just grab and go for lunches during the week. As I develop my “plan of attack” I’ll definitely post more about it.

In the “really good news” category, I finally broke the 15 pound mark when I weighed in on Monday! I am now at a total of 15.6 pounds gone since I started my journey in earnest on 5/15/11. As I’ve always said, I’m losing it little by little, but now it’s really starting to add up!!

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