My First “Marvelous In My Monday” Post!




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Although today was FAR from marvelous, I felt like I should post anyway! This has been a crazy few weeks at work – and this week is turning out no different! I worked all weekend on a project, and believe me – I would much rather have been outside enjoying the beautiful weather! At least the deadline is tomorrow afternoon to get everything done, and then it will be OFF MY PLATE for a while!

I have to say, despite all the craziness, there were a couple of marvelous things about today. One was this:

A friend who also spent the weekend working on the same type of project managed to get out and go apple picking for a couple of hours with her kids. She left these for me on the table in my office this morning. What a sweet (and healthy…not to mention yummy) gift!

One of the other marvelous things about today is that one of my friends knew how stressed out I was and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. It was the perfect thing to clear my head, get out in the fresh air, vent some frustration, and refresh my brain cells! We did about 3 miles, and also managed to find a little “fitness playground” to mess around at! It had a two-person airwalker, a cross-country ski machine, and some other fun fitness equipment. We will DEFINITELY be going back there again!

The other marvelous thing about today is my hubby. Although we have both been under a lot of stress and pressure at work, we’ve been working hard at making time for each other – even for the little things. Last night, we shared some tea with honey while planning out the next few weeks and talking about going bike shopping – yay!! Tonight, we’ll have dinner together when he gets home, and decompress a little. I’m really lucky to have him to share my life with. (Cue sappy music here…) This December will mark 19 years that we’ve been together! We’ve had our ups and downs, but we always get through it together.

I guess today wasn’t so bad after all! Hope you’re having a Marvelous Monday!!




7 thoughts on “My First “Marvelous In My Monday” Post!

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  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for coming on over – and for hosting MIMM! Such fun to participate, and I found lots of new blogs to follow!

    We’ve had our ups and downs, but we made it! It’s still important to make time for each other, and have fun together!

    Hope you come back again! 🙂

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