What I Ate Wednesday…


Okay…so I’m starting to get into these “link-up” things! This is my second one this week. (Want to check out my first “Marvelous In My Monday” post – go here!)

“What I Ate Wednesday” has been around for a while, but I’m just jumping on the bandwagon now! Thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting! And a major thanks to Eva, my most awesome Zumba instructor, for introducing me to all of these link-ups, and for encouraging me to keep blogging! Check her out at Committed2Nutrition!

If you’ve never been part of #WIAW or seen one of these posts before, it’s basically a way to share some ideas for healthy eats, recipes, and it’s also a pretty darned nifty accountability tool! Taking pictures of what you eat all day long is no easy feat! It’s a bit awkward when you’re with people who aren’t used to eating with healthy living/eating bloggers who take pictures of EVERYTHING! Thus, there is no picture of my lunch today! Oh well…can’t be perfect all the time!

Here’s what I remembered to actually take pictures of today…

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts EVER! I shared the recipe a little while ago here. I know that flavored Greek yogurt isn’t the best, but to me it’s a treat! Generally I eat the plain stuff with some fresh fruit, cocoa powder, or PB2 (which ROCKS by the way!) in it. This key lime flavor from Oikos is A-MA-ZING! I love key lime, and this is just the right balance of sweet, tart, and tangy and totally kills the craving for the pie version. Added a few Trader Joe’s Roasted Coconut Chips to the top and it was heaven! Dinner was one of my go-to quickie dinner recipes – Tempeh-Veggie Fried Rice. I tell the story of how this one came to be, and also share the recipe here. I’m telling you – you could make this with just about anything you have in the house and it will taste good!

Tonight I’ll probably just have my usual decaf tea – been getting into the fruity/herbal flavors at night. The hubby brought home an apple cinnamon one the other night that tastes just like hot apple cider – without all the sugar and calories! A perfect treat… 🙂

I know this is a pretty crummy WIAW post, but I promise I’ll do better next Wednesday…I’m going to ask for newbie forgiveness on this one!

What’s one of your favorite go-to meals for busy nights?

Any other ideas for sweet but low-cal treats with a fall-ish twist?

9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday…

  1. BRENDA YOU ROCK!! Thanks so much for the link love 🙂 🙂 And so glad you joined in for WIAW!! I love your eats and seriously obsessed with pumpkin oatmeal concoctions… about to go make my “overnight” one right now so I have it for tomorrow..mmmm. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. I always send folks in your direction! 🙂 I still can’t figure out why the buttons showed up twice – both on MIMM and WIAW…guess I’ll get it right eventually!! Hope you had a great day, too! See you tomorrow night – and I’ll try to remember to bring the Ninja book I found for you!

  3. Hey I scan read your posts all the way to Jan… do you ever go back and read them? They’re awesome.. I love how you stay positive .. my favourite is the “I’m in the driver seat” post. Way to go Brenda. Am going to try some of the snacks you have posted starting with greek yogurt. Have a great day

  4. I love Greek yogurt, too! I’m digging around the web for inspiration on a pumpkin spiced latte protein smoothie kind of thing for another fall-inspired treat. My go-to meals for busy nights are, hands-down, stir-frys. They are so easy, quick, and versatile. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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