Is it Friday yet????


We all know the answer to that is no. Technically it is Friday in some part of the world, but not in my world! Just so you know where I’m coming from, this is what my desk looked like when I left work today…


Part of my new job is coordinating the Title I and Title II grants for my school district. This is the first time I’m filing the application, and things got a little out of hand this afternoon… There’s way too much paper involved in this process! Anyone who knows me knows that I would be MUCH happier if the whole thing was done electronically. I hate to leave my desk in such a state of disarray at the end of the day, but today I just had to walk out. It will still be there in the morning… UGH!

To cheer myself up, I made a stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home. I did all of my grocery shopping there for a while, but realized I was spending too much on cool stuff ! Plus not taking advantage of the whole gas discount rewards program at Stop & Shop was just silly with the amount of driving I do. I had a feeling they would have some cool pumpkin-y things for me to try, and I was right! They had an entire section dedicated to pumpkin goodies…everything from pumpkin butter to pumpkin soup to pumpkin flavored dog treats! Here’s what I walked away with tonight.


Okay, so the ice cream probably wasn’t the best choice, but the good news is that I can only handle it a couple of spoonfuls at a time. And yes – that little container in the front there is 0% pumpkin flavored Greek yogurt, complete with cinnamon and nutmeg! I can’t wait to try that tomorrow! I’m hoping the ravioli taste as good as they sound – I’ll be eating those solo since the hubs is not a pumpkin fan. The chai I just had to try, and I got the coffee because I have a serious problem with the pumpkin coffee concoctions that are out there. They are LOADED with sugar! Most of them depend on some kind of syrup. I like the flavor without the sweetness, so I’m really hoping this does the trick!

My other find at TJs was this lovely little package!

Warning: If you are expecting to close your eyes and think you’re eating Doritos, do not buy these. If you want a tasty, crunchy snack without too much guilt, go ahead and give them a shot. They are pretty good. Just definitely not a sub for those fake orange triangles of yumminess that those of us trying to eat healthy avoid like the plague!

One last plug for a new favorite product – Chobani Flips! I fell in love with the vanilla chocolate chunk flavor of Chobani a few weeks ago. I like to add a few chopped walnuts to it and call it dessert! This little beauty made my taste buds sing!

This nifty little container has my favorite vanilla chocolate chunk on one side, and delicious raspberry on the other! A little scoop of the raspberry, a little scoop of the yogurt and voila! Heaven!! Whoever at Chobani thought this one up was a GENIUS!

Just had to share those few things with you today – plus blogging for a bit gave me a chance to unwind before ordering dinner. The hubby is coming home on the late side tonight, but we will be enjoying some sushi and a glass of wine when he does manage to get home. Hope you had a better Thursday than I did – and hope you have a Fabulous Friday!! 🙂

Questions for today:

Do you have crazy days at work? How do you deal?

What is your favorite pumpkin flavored food item?

Are you a Trader Joe’s shopper? Any favorites?

2 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet????

  1. Hey lady! I was just at Tj’s and was looking for the pumpkin greek yogurt but couldn’t find it!!! booo. Was this the darien one? Love everything you got! I have not tried kale chips yet – still feel like they are a lot of calories? i read them once at whole foods, and I was like, these are like the same cals in chips, ha. I could be wrong, though. HAPPY FRIDAY!!

  2. Yeah – I got the yogurt at the TJ’s in Darien. It’s okay – very pumpkiny, but not very sweet. You might want to add some stevia to it. I was wishing I had some! I have made my own kale chips – really easy! Just salt, pepper, and olive oil. Probably better than the ones I bought, but I always like to try new stuff. I think these have like 160 cals per serving, and there are only 2 servings in the whole bag.

    TGIF!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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