Thank goodness for slow cookers…

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Today was just one of those days. I left my office a little early to get to an appointment that was about 45 minutes away. I left myself an hour. It wound up taking me closer to 2 hours! Crazy traffic, rainy weather, accidents, and just general wacky driving all around!

I did know that I was going to have a long day, so I decided to break out the slow cooker. It becomes like a member of the family once the weather starts to turn chilly. One of my friends is deathly afraid to use one because she’s scared it will burn her house down. I’ve been using one for many years – even since I was a kid – and have never had that problem! In fact I don’t know how I would ever live without it!

I’ve made all kinds of things in my slow cooker – from oatmeal, to meatloaf, to chili, to mac and cheese! This time, I decided to follow the lead of my awesome friend and Zumba instructor, Eva, and make pork in my slow cooker for the first time. This post is what inspired me in the first place. Of course, knowing me, I had to do things a little bit differently, but it came out sooooooooo good!

I took a whole boneless pork loin and trimmed almost all of the fat off. If you take it all off, besides losing flavor, the meat will be pretty dry. I sprayed the inside of my slow cooker with cooking spray and put the pork loin in.

I then added a large can of peeled tomatoes (I forgot they were whole, so I chopped them), a can of tomato sauce, about 3/4 cup of water.

I sliced an onion and about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic, and chopped up a couple of peppers (what I had in the fridge).

I topped it all off with a mix of salt, pepper, Italian herbs, and this crazy awesome stuff called Sheila and Cosmo’s Italian Seasoning. One of my colleagues and her hubby make and sell this stuff themselves, and it ROCKS!

Then I turned on my slow cooker on low and set it for 8 hours – low and slow! When I got home, the house smelled AMAZING – and this is what was for dinner…

Served up over some cooked rice and voila! Italian pork that knocked our socks off!

Do you use a slow cooker?

What’s your favorite slow cooker meal?

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