Eating GF at PF

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Tonight was the first time since my official diagnosis that we went out to eat. I had the choice of where to go (as long as we had a gift card!) so I chose PF Chang’s. I knew from my last go-round with gluten free that they had a pretty decent selection (see my last experience here), and that I would be able to find something yummy to eat.

If you head to the menu page on the P.F. Chang’s website and click on the Gluten Free link, this is what you will see…




I decided on the GF Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken, and the GF Fried Rice with shrimp. When they came out to the table, they were delivered – as promised on the menu – on plates with the P.F. Chang’s logo so you can tell what is GF and what is not.


Both dishes were delish – and even met the approval of my non GF hubby. His favorite is Chang’s Spicy Chicken – which we noticed afterward is on the GF menu, so next time we’ll order that GF too so we can share.

All in all, this was definitely a successful first outing – and definitely won’t be the last one to P.F. Chang’s! So glad to find a restaurant that is so accommodating, and where the food is so good!

Do you have a favorite place to eat out where you know they will accomodate special dietary needs?

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