What a Wacky Week!

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This week has been incredibly busy… I realized today that I haven’t posted anything all week! I worked like a crazy person to get ready a really big presentation on Thursday night (after 10 pm at a meeting that lasted until almost 11:30!!). Thankfully it went well, and now that project is behind me!

I finally got around to replacing stuff in my fridge and freezer that I lost during our hurricane power outage last week. I knew the bill would be big, but whoa! I spent almost $250 at the regular grocery store, and almost $50 at Whole Foods. Granted, I replaced every condiment – I’m nervous that way. Plus, I bought all the regular stuff that I would have bought for the week, so I guess it wasn’t THAT bad. I made my favorite Turkey, Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese cannelloni for dinner last night. It still amazes me that my husband will eat sweet potatoes that way! I cubed and roasted a few extras to make some sweet potato hash with chicken apple sausage – I can’t for the life of me remember where I found the recipe, but this one looks pretty similar. It makes a great brunch or a quick dinner. That’s another way I can sneak in sweet potatoes without too much protest from my better half.

On another note, a couple of weeks ago I went for an endoscopy to check up on a few issues I was having a while back. At that time, I was getting awful stomach aches anytime I ate anything solid – it was really terrible. It seemed at the time that it was worse if I ate crackers or toast, so I started suspecting that I had celiac or some kind of gluten intolerance issue. Luckily, I haven’t had that problem lately, but I do have occasional tummy troubles. I really should keep track of when it happens to see if there are any patterns, but yeah…I’m a little lazy as far as that goes. Well, I got a call this week that things looked okay for the most part, but there was some persistent inflammation in my duodenum (here’s where that is). The doctor sent me for some bloodwork to check for celiac this time. I am really hoping it’s not the case, but if so, I’m going to have to change a lot in the way I eat. I love whole grain things – bread, English muffins, crackers… I am also finding that a lot of people that have celiac also have issues with dairy. That would be even worse!! I’m not sure what I’d do without yogurt, cheese, and a cold glass of milk once in a while. Yes, I know there are alternatives to all these things, but they’re just not the same. I am all about almond milk in my smoothies, but not to drink straight up! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Not too much else happening here at the moment. I’m bound and determined to get back into my link-ups this week, so look for more posts!

Do you deal with any food allergies/intolerances?

Any favorite substitutes?


Marvelous in my Monday #4


Thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting our weekly “get together” online!

It’s Monday again? How is that possible? Time just seems to be flying lately… It’s already the middle of October, the heat has kicked on in my house, and I’m all about cuddling up on the couch with my blanket on this rainy night!

The cannelloni I made last night from the cover of this month’s Clean Eating Magazine turned out AMAZING! Check out my post here.

Today was a super stressful day – I had a major deadline for work, and I got to the point where I stressed myself right into a migraine. When I get them, it’s really an awful experience. I get auras – which basically means I get a squiggly line across my eye and partially lose my vision. It’s pretty scary – even though it’s been happening to me for years, and I know it will eventually subside. It has happened to me while driving, which is really freaky. Today I was lucky enough to be in my office, so I just sat down for a bit, took a few deep breaths, and sent my friend across the street to Starbucks for some coffee. Since I didn’t have my prescription meds, the combination of  couple of Advil and a good strong dose of caffeine helped me get through the afternoon – and finish my work with time to spare. So I guess the marvelous part of that adventure is that I have a friend nice enough to make a Starbucks run for me! It also felt pretty marvelous to put that Express Mail envelope on the counter at the post office and get it out of my hands and on its way to its destination!

The other marvelous part of my day is my awesome hubby. He knew I was stressing about this deadline and checked up on me during the day, and offered to make me tea with honey tonight. So, I’m going to make this a super quick post and go enjoy my tea with honey with my honey.

Hope you all had a marvelous Monday!

What made your Monday marvelous today?

What’s your favorite way to de-stress after a crazy day?



Grumpier Old Men and Cannelloni


Maybe one other person in the world would get the title of this post, and that would be my husband. Whenever we go to an Italian restaurant, or I am cooking some form of baked pasta, our conversation always turns to the scenes from Grumpier Old Men with Burgess Meredith in the grocery store…

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can continue with my post. 🙂

The other day, my new issue of Clean Eating Magazine came. I took one look at this cover and said…I HAVE TO MAKE THIS!!!


I am a sucker for baked pasta. Lasagna, ravioli, stuffed shells, manicotti, and yes, cannelloni. I have never made cannelloni before, and this turkey, sweet potato and cheese version seemed like the perfect excuse reason to try! Besides, how could I say no to a recipe that has homemade tomato sauce, sweet potatoes, and goat cheese??

The recipe is fairly simple.

Roast a cubed sweet potato tossed in a little olive oil.

Super simple tomato sauce – just tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt & pepper, and a touch of raw honey!

The filling – ground turkey with garlic and thyme, roasted sweet potato, Greek yogurt, and goat cheese.

Roll it up!

Lay seam side down in the pan.

Top with sauce – looks just like the magazine, except they have a prettier dish!

Bake for 30 minutes covered with foil. YUM!

Couldn’t resist melting a little fresh mozzarella on the top… 🙂

Generally I love the recipes from Clean Eating Magazine – fairly simple, not many crazy ingredients, and they just taste really good. This issue (I was saying episode in my head…I’m brain fried!) has several make-ahead recipes that would work well for freezing. With my crazy busy schedule lately, I’m always looking for ways to make life easier! This isn’t going to make it to the freezer, but it most certainly will make a yummy lunch tomorrow as leftovers!

Do you have any make-ahead favorites?

Do any foods remind you of movie scenes?