A new challenge in the journey…

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I can’t say this comes as a complete surprise to me, but I finally got the official diagnosis of gluten intolerant the other day. I’m still learning a bit about the range of conditions that can be caused by gluten – anything from a sensitivity to an allergy to full blown celiac disease. Although my bloodwork was negative for celiac, the biopsies taken during some other testing showed damage to my small intestine which is a pretty good indicator of some form of gluten issue. My gastroenterologist has settled on “gluten intolerance” as my particular label, and said that the more I can eat gluten free, the better off I’ll be.

Of course, many of the healthiest foods for us are naturally gluten free – lean proteins, fruits, veggies – but some of my favorite things are not. Fortunately, given that I don’t have celiac, I don’t have to worry quite as much about cross contamination, so I can still have my favorite oatmeal without too much concern. I do have to start looking out for certain tricky things on labels – anything that is related to wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and triticale (not that I know what triticale is anyway).

When I went through my first gluten free adventure a little over 2 years ago, I started a blog where I posted some recipes and reviews of gluten free products. Rather than reposting everything from there, or trying to maintain two blogs – which I just don’t have the time to do – I’ll link to some of my favorite things from that blog as we go along here. If you do want to check it out – feel free to head on over to Gluten-Free Newbie!

Thanksgiving was likely my last real gluten containing meal – and I really tried to keep it low-gluten. The only things that were heavy duty on the gluten were the stuffing and the crusts of the pies. I did make stuffed mushrooms, but I used gluten free breadcrumbs and nobody seemed to notice. One thing I did notice was that they sucked up quite a bit of moisture, so I think I’d make the stuffing mixture a little more wet next time.

Hopefully I’ll keep learning about this new challenge – and I’ll overcome it like everything else!

Do you have any dietary challenges or food intolerances?


Good News and Bad News…


Whenever someone tells me they have some good news and some bad news, it’s pretty typical that the good news is good for them and the bad news is bad for me. I had one of those times this week.

I have been working out at Get In Shape for Women¬†for almost 6 months now. It’s a really great place – they have a balanced program of cardio, weight training, nutrition, and accountability that has really gotten me into a great routine. I have been working with one particular trainer, Adriana, since I first started there. I’ve gotten to know her really well – after all, I have been working with her 3 days a week! She knows my strengths and my weaknesses – both physically and mentally. She knows when to push – and when to push harder! She is creative with the program, and keeps us from getting bored. She challenges not just our muscles, but our sense of self and limitations.

The good news is that the owners of the studio recognized Adriana’s awesomeness – her commitment to her clients, her ability to connect with each and every one of us, and her amazing personality – and promoted her to manager. That is amazing news! It is so well deserved, and she will be an incredible manager! The bad news is that it takes her away from us – her devoted following – and moves her to another studio.

As soon as she told me, I started getting teary-eyed, and I couldn’t really say much because I felt such a mix of emotions. I am so happy for her, and so glad that she is getting the recognition she deserves. On the other hand, I am losing a key player in my journey. Adriana has really been instrumental in getting me this far. Yes, I know it’s all on me, but having someone to help you along, to remind you of your capabilities when you’re starting to doubt yourself, to challenge you when you think you can’t do another rep…it really means a lot. Anyone who has worked so closely with someone on a journey like this will understand.

I know I’ll keep progressing, and I’m sure I’ll find another trainer who is really great – but nobody can replace Adriana. Friday nights will never be the same, that’s for sure!!

Thank you, Adriana, for all that you have done to help me find my way on this path, and for keeping me challenged and motivated to stay there! You will be missed!