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I realized today that I hadn’t posted in a while, and then I realized why. I don’t really have anything good to write about. I am in a bit of a funk at the moment…let me see if I can explain why.

It seems like every time I get into a great routine with my eating and my exercise, some kind of obstacle gets thrown in my path. This time, it seems as though I have torn a ligament in my knee. I was really enjoying my workouts and getting really motivated by the changes I was seeing – not just physically, but in the way I was carrying myself with more confidence. Then boom…injury. I’m waiting on the results of an MRI which will tell me exactly how badly I have managed to injure myself, and how long I will be out of commission.

Walking (if you can call what I’m doing right now walking…) is incredibly challenging. I have a brace that runs from mid-thigh to my ankle that completely immobilizes my knee. My husband has taken to calling me “Speedy” – obviously the opposite of the way I am moving. Not being able to bend my leg throws off my gait completely, so after a while my other leg starts to hurts, too! I am waiting for a snazzy custom knee brace to arrive, so in the meantime I have two pieces of fiberglass and four ACE bandages holding my knee in place. I’m hoping this will not be the state of affairs for too much longer…

In the meantime, I am trying to stay positive and keep an eye on my eating. This is the kind of situation where I usually would say screw it and just go totally off the wagon, but I feel like this time I owe it to myself to not check out. I’ve worked too hard and come too far to let it all go.

In the meantime, as my frustration levels continue to increase, I will try to let that energy come out in a positive way… Any ideas??


Kettlebells ROCK!


One of the first things I did in my journey to a healthier me was to sign up for a new gym.  I looked around for a long time to find something that would keep me interested and excited about exercise – no easy task!  I’ve done everything from the small women’s gym to the fancy upscale gym to the bare bones “judgment free” gym.  The problem I found was that nobody really held me accountable for being there, nobody really cared whether I showed up or not, and it was always the same thing time after time.  I either felt badly about not being able to keep up with everyone else in the group fitness classes, or I got bored working out on my own – not really knowing what I should be doing.  I worked out with a personal trainer for a while, but that got really expensive.

In early September, I was still on the hunt for a new workout and I happened to see an ad for Punch Kettlebell Gym.  I had seen kettlebells before, but had never used them.  I thought it would be something different, so I decided to call and make an appointment for the free orientation session to find out what this kettlebell stuff was all about.  I am not kidding when I say that half hour orientation completely changed my feelings about “working out.”  I learned some of the basics of what this workout would include, and I liked it, so I signed up for 10 sessions.  After my first two, I was hooked.  I am now a full-fledged member, making some real progress.  Never before have I looked forward to my workouts.  Never before have I been upset when I can’t get to the gym.  I have met some really great people in class, and have the BEST trainers!  They are encouraging, push me to go beyond my self-imposed limits, and every workout is something different.  They keep things interesting! I have never done the same workout twice, and I have been going now since September.

Here is a link to the gym that has made me a stronger, more active person:

Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk

Punch Kettlebell Gym of Norwalk on Facebook

The workouts are based on the Art of Strength, founded by Anthony DiLuglio.  Here is a link for more information about AOS:

Art of Strength

Art of Strength on Facebook

After just a few months, I’m doing things I never thought I could do – dead lifts with kettlebells that weigh upwards of 70 pounds, lunges and one-armed rows on the Bandit Loops – and I just keep getting stronger and stronger.  I feel much better about myself, I’m starting to lose some of the weight, and other people are starting to notice.  If you’ve never done kettlebells, I highly recommend you try it – at least once.