Marvelous In My Monday #5


It’s that time again… It’s Marvelous in My Monday! Thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting!


Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS autumn day! It was sunny, the leaves are really starting to change, and it was a little crisp – but definitely not cold. I would take this kind of day anytime! I just wish I could have spent more of the day outside. I did take the opportunity to walk to one of my favorite places down the street from my office to pick up lunch – just to get outside! I’m really lucky to have a marvelous place like Bruckner’s Good to Go so close to work! Today’s choice was a veggie burger (20 g of protein!!) with a side of grilled veggies. Enough veggies for you?? I didn’t take a picture, but it was definitely yummy!

The best part of today was finishing up a project at work that has been all-consuming for the past few days. I had to write a major report that is going to be presented to our local board of education (in public!!) next week. It was full of data and analysis, and really took a lot of time, energy, and concentration, but now that it’s done I’m really proud of my work. This was really the second big project for my new job, so the fact that I was able to get it done, done well, and on time is a definite win for me!

Not so marvelous is the migraine I’m thinking is headed in my direction… This is becoming far too frequent of an occurrence for me. I used to get them all the time, but I went a long time without getting them. Now I think the stress and crazy schedule from this new job are starting to get to me. I’m thinking that I might try to add some yoga into my routine to help with that. I’m definitely not a hot yoga person, but I think the stretching and such will be really good for me. I’m hoping to find a class that fits into my hectic schedule – and soon!

That’s it for me – going to go unwind with my hubby. Hope you had a marvelous Monday!

Do you do yoga?

Do you have a favorite go-to place for healthy eats?



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Lunch is a difficult thing for me.  As part of my job, I travel around a lot during the day. I may be at one school in the morning and another in the afternoon, or sometimes running between meetings at my office. Finding the time to actually sit down and eat a decent lunch (which is actually what I’m doing right now!) can be hard to do.

I was thinking a little bit about what my nutrition coach said during our last group meeting the other night. Make a meal an occasion. Sit down and actually taste the food. Don’t multitask. Make sure you chew. Okay…so I’m working on it. Multitasking while eating lunch is almost a necessity in my job, but I really am trying to take at least 10 minutes and just eat.

Once I finish this post, I promise to just sit and eat my lovely salad. Yum!