Scared Straight

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There’s nothing like a gain at the scale to scare me straight. I figured I was working out hard and eating pretty well so I didn’t need to keep track. WRONG!!! I was up over 3 pounds last night at my weigh-in. That was over a two week period, but that still means that I took in over 10,000 more calories than my body needed to operate. Whoa. That’s a sobering thought.

So, this morning, I am back on the tracking wagon. I know that in real life, I will probably not track PointsPlus forever, but for now at least, using the system makes me think about the “value” of what I’m eating. Is that 9 point cookie really worth it when I can eat a huge bowl of fruit for zero PointsPlus and it’s much better for me? Plus, seeing it all written down gives me a way to track patterns. Am I eating more early or late? Am I allowing myself to get overly hungry then overweight to compensate? Do certain events/places/people trigger “not so good” choices?

So far today, I’ve had a small cappuccino, a Greek yogurt (plain of course!) and a big bowl (1 1/2 cups) of mixed berries. Total = 4 PointsPlus. Given the fact that I am allowed 47 per day, that’s not bad. I’ve pre-tracked my lunch (10 PointsPlus) and my activity for later so I’m already accountable to stick to it. Now to figure out how to use the rest of my 33 PointsPlus in a healthy way today…